CULTure (work in progress)

CULTure is a commentary on media as a distraction and narrative in our daily lives. It is paired with a projection that contains current news events along with abstract impulsive dance. Specifically the piece is meant to mirror cult behaviors and attributes, which provide an allusion to media being the major cult leader of our current time.

This piece is a work in progress that currently runs 14 minutes. Premiered January 2017. Julie Baston-Carter, Kyla Ranney, Jessica Ray, and Brooke Stewart are the cast. Music by Ashur Rayis, David Bowie

Wrestles With (work in progress)

A work in progress exploring the process of dealing with internal struggle and multiple voices interfering within our thoughts, and finally surrendering to the understanding that this is a part of the reality in which we all live. 

Work in progress premiered in July 2016. Julie Baston Carter, Deborah Chambers, Angela Joy, Caitlin Parish, Brooke Stewart are the cast for this show. Music by Audrey and A Silver Mt. Zion.




A traditionally choreographed modern piece about slavery and the ability to look to religion as a source of freedom within that bondage.

LOST FOUND (work in progress)

LOST FOUND is a piece about searching for identity. 

Premiered Dixon Place 2015. Jamie Andes, Catherine Poppell-Colon, Lauren Gray, and Jessica Ray as cast. Music, Silversun Pickups.