I'm an investigative artist, as I continue to grow in my practice, I approach choreography from the standpoint of building an investigation. Through this exploration, I call into question the body, the mind and every intention that surrounds it in regards to the content I'm researching. It is important to me to seek to examine the emotional, political and spiritual climate that affects our daily life, and how that shapes our decision making process.  Through an inquisitive lens, I hope to, by some degree, bring the spectator to a place of new revelation. 


WORKING SEPARATELY/TOGETHER is a commentary on activism in 2018. With this short 7 minute work, I'm asking if it possible for us (communities, organizations) to work together to accomplish a goal with our diverse opinions and leadership styles. This question stems from our divisive U.S. political turmoil, but has always been a question of mine. I think that I was apathetic for many years regarding policy, treatment of women, and minority communities, along with several other things, however, I find my mindset shifting a bit as I see many communities rising up.

This dance is an abstract piece that will explore the possibility of working together, creating together, dissolving ideas, and breaking apart. What does it look like when we work towards a common goal separately? What does it look like when we work towards that common goal together? Can we even work together?

Premiered May 19, 2018

Cast: Julie- Batson Carter, Nina Chong, Kyla Ranney, Jessica Ray, Amber Schmiesing

Music: The Chemical Brothers

photo by Steve Zavitz

Black Being: New Creation Replica is a choreographic and improvisational exploration about coming into your born again spirit, and realizing how weighted it is as you’ve inherited over 500 years of oppression, opposition, emotional trauma, and dismissal as a person of color. 

You are a new creation in Christianity, when you accept Christ, but often we take it to the extreme of casting down our physical bodies, by notion of casting down our flesh.  Instead of using this notion intentionally and with understanding we apply it generally, rejecting the purpose that can be seeded and attached to that within our physical plane of existence.  

The purpose of this solo is exploring the black being as a new creation, to be more specific, exploring the experience of the black christian woman. 

I'm hoping that illuminating our different experiences helps shed light and understanding that history does shape our current reality, but empathy and love can be a powerful tool to shape the future.

Premiered November 2017

Cast:  Jessica Ray

Music: Franz Liszt