In His Sight, little children: opening solos

In His Sight, little children (1) is a dance piece about racial reconciliation. 

This full piece is still in progress, but totals about 10 minutes. The opening solos viewable here are 4mins and 20 secs in total. You will see in this excerpt, a piece designed from the perspective of a young black woman that speaks to the culture of feeling isolated and misunderstood in her view of the current the racial landscape.  

In His Sight, little children: a closer look (extended edition)

This is a look into Dance into Deliverance's journey to creating In His Sight, little children(I) Cast interviews and excerpts of the work included. A special thanks to all the production crew and the dancers involved.

IHSLC(I) a dance film TRAILER

In His Sight Little Children is a commentary on racial reconciliation. It's story centers on a childhood experience of working through prejudice. Currently, the piece is a 12 minute work in progress with projections.  Another section of the piece is to added in 2014. Visit our media page to see the documentary and dance film of the work.

Dancers: Jamie Andes, Catherine Poppell Colon, Lauren Gray, Jessica Ray, Emily Siekierski 

Videography: Ashli Bickford, Benjamin Richards, Cherylynn Tsushima

Editing: Jessica Ray

Photos: Monica Cohen